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Private Dining

The Club Room

Up to 40 seated guests, or 50 standing can enjoy the relaxed yet impressive architecture of The Club room, situated behind the bar on the ground floor. With its own private bar, terrace and view of the garden it has proven super popular since its launch in 2014. The 75” screen can be useful for photos or in a business meeting, and everybody enjoys looking through the original rock artist photography.

We have hosted parties of all shapes and sizes in The Club Room, the space is so broad in its appeal.  Depending on your party size we can offer a reduced menu or ask you to pre-order from the a la carte, and we have a range of different seating plans according to the party size and your preference.

The terrace, private bar and 75” TV are amongst the biggest assets of the room, but when you and your guests are in it The Club Room rises to the occasion. As you’d expect there’s some serious technology in the room; whether it’s listening to your music from your iphone, accessing the MacMini for Skype or watching Wimbledon on terrestrial TV we have it covered.

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