Family run since 1969

House Rules

We are delighted to be getting back to business with a Summer Pop up - it’s still Frederick’s, but in a slightly different format. It’s the same building, the same familiar service, with many of the house favourite dishes, and all three of the outdoor areas that we are lucky to offer.By reducing the menu, the opening times, and the area of the restaurant we are operating in, we will have lower customer numbers and will require a smaller team. All of this mitigates the risk of spreading the virus.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following:

Please do not come to the restaurant if you are feeling unwell or are showing any of the symptoms of Covid 19, or if you have a temperature or any of your family or friends have been told to isolate.

There will be a sanitiser at the lobby door as you enter the restaurant, please use it.

We have a UK Government obligation, as well as a duty to the wider community, to record details of all customers in the event that another customer or a member of the team contracts Covid 19. We hope you’ve had the chance to leave your details with us when you booked. If you haven’t please can you do so with a member of the team.

Always try to keep one metre from, other customers and the team. Necessarily, the serving of food and drinks will involve our team getting close to you, but we will not be talking when close to you – please don’t think we are ignoring you.

We would prefer all transactions to be cashless, and ideally contactless; the limit is £45. Alternatively there are payment systems that operate via mobile phones (eg: Apple Pay). That way the credit card machine is only touched by the Frederick’s team. If you need to use the key pad, please use the sanitiser before and after.

We will be cleaning the bathrooms every 30 minutes. Prior to entering and upon leaving the loo, can you please make use of the hand sanitiser on the table outside. Please can you mind your distance while queuing to the loo, and only one person can use them at any one time.